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We’re in business to apply intelligence that reduces the harm of human civilisation on our planet.

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To play our part in creating a climate-stable world by enabling zero carbon materials.

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To reduce industrial carbon emissions by gigatonnes every year.

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Why AI


Advances in AI have had a transformative impact on many industries with considerable breakthroughs in recent months in generalised models for language processing.


The adoption of AI in industry and particularly in applications to the physical sciences has been slow despite the complexity of the problem being ideally suited to deep learning.


We are determined to be at the forefront of the production of materials for a carbon zero future.

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Our Values


We are a mission driven company committed to making a massive impact on global emissions whilst building a successful and profitable business.


Learn more about our values and learn what makes us Carbon Re.

Leadership Team


We have a world-class interdisciplinary team of people with expertise in AI, industrial processes, software engineering, mathematics, fluid dynamics, innovation, organisation change and product development.

Our investors include some of the foremost early stage climate tech and deep tech investors

Our industry collaborators play a key role in Carbon Re's continuing success

Our commercial partners, memberships, and sponsorship groups are pivotal in growing Carbon Re into a successful and profitable business.

Join our Team

  • Awesome colleagues.
  • Engaging, impactful work.
  • A supportive workplace – we value diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
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Join the Carbon Revolution with Carbon Re

Carbon Re is an AI for materials company pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence to accelerate the decarbonisation of foundational materials such as cement. We leverage world-class expertise from UCL and Cambridge University in AI, energy efficiency, and industrial process improvement.