Kate Willemite

Chief Financial Officer (Consultant)

Kate Willemite is an experienced Finance and Operations Director and Chartered accountant that has worked in the wholesale, retail, sports footwear and apparel industries. In her 20 year finance career, Kate has played a key role in managing the finance strategy and working capital of businesses such as Ariat Europe and Blackwell’s Bookshops.


In 2021 Kate launched Hived Consultants Limited to act as a portfolio finance director and a virtual finance department to small businesses. Her client portfolio includes businesses in a wide range of sectors, such as design, technology, manufacturing and fashion and range from owner managed SMEs to multi million turnover companies. Kate is currently working with high growth startups, such to reach their potential.


Kate is passionate about helping businesses flourish and thrive through developing growth plans based on a solid foundation of cashflow and working capital.  Her approach is through building rapport, communication, coaching and mentoring in order to be successful. This is substantiated by an excellent technical knowledge of accounting and tax required to support businesses.