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We believe in a zero carbon future for cities, with zero carbon materials at their foundation. This future will require new methods of production and novel materials. The production and transformation of these materials involves complex physical and chemical processes that interact together over time – a problem that can only be mastered with AI. We are leading the way to solve the fundamental challenge of industrial decarbonisation by creating the AI models that will accelerate this transition at scale.

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Cutting Edge Industrial Decarbonisation Technology


Carbon Re is a powerful AI-powered industrial decarbonisation solution that efficiently handles the complex relationships in clinker production and enables significant fuel efficiencies.

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reduction in overall emissions from cement production

Carbon Re provides tailored recommendations to plant operators and can reduce energy consumption by 10% and fuel-derived carbon emissions by up to 20%

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World class AI

We are leading the way in tackling the huge AI opportunities in materials production and have assembled the best interdisciplinary team in the world to bring transformative change to the industry

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USD savings per plant per year

Our software uses large amounts of data from existing sensors to dynamically optimize industrial processes, enabling lower fuel costs and emissions.

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Cloud based

Our cloud based software brings state-of-the-art technological advancements to industry with no IT investment. Our system can ingest plant data from any data source, including the major distributed control systems widely used in industry.

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Join us to bring about real world impact on the most pressing challenge of our generation.

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We are connecting the biggest challenge of our time – climate change – with the biggest opportunity – advances in AI.
Buffy Price COO & Co-Founder

Start saving 10% of your fuel bill and carbon emissions today.

With no shutdown, no extra hardware or local IT systems needed to deploy Carbon Re, contact us today to start getting the benefits, now.