AI for material impact

Accelerating the transition to a zero carbon world by applying state-of-the-art AI to fundamental materials such as cement, steel, glass.


of greenhouse gases are emitted globally each year


of global emissions come from industrial processes


the increase in industrial emissions since 1990

AI is the key to transforming fundamental materials

The production and use of the materials that make up the foundation of modern society such as cement, steel and glass, needs to be transformed in order for a zero carbon future to become reality. These materials are responsible for 20% of global emissions and the demand is not going away.

We need to act now

The biggest impact we can have on the planet is reducing emissions today. This is supported by research published in Nature in 2021, which shows that early action is best. Achieving large emissions reductions by 2030, without ever reaching net zero, delivers a significantly better result than reaching net zero through a big improvement between 2040 and 2050.

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We are the only company dedicated to the materials transition using AI


We have built the best interdisciplinary team with people with expertise in AI, industrial processes, software engineering, mathematics, fluid dynamics, innovation, organisational change and product development. We believe that AI will have a transformative impact on the design and use of society’s fundamental materials and we are all passionate about our mission to reduce industrial carbon emissions by gigatonnes every year. 

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