AI to decarbonize glass production

Decarbonization of glass production is hard. There are limits to what can be achieved through furnace redesign and alternative fuels.


Proposed solutions to achieve sustainable glass production such as green hydrogen and carbon capture are expensive and very hard to scale.


Delta Zero® is especially developed for energy-intensive process manufacturing. It applies the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to uncover energy efficiencies and reduce costs and carbon emissions in industrial processes.

Glass manufacturing sheet
Delta Zero Glass

Unlocking the value in your data


Modern furnaces produce an abundance of data from equipment and IoT sensors but legacy software and operational processes are too static. AI-enabled analytics can help industrial producers exploit this data for massive efficiencies, but it is hard to implement and talent is scarce. Delta Zero® combines AI and industrial production expertise to unlock value and reduce carbon emissions.

Research & Innovation for Sustainable Glass

We are working with Glass Futures as part of an Innovate UK funded project to explore the feasibility of adapting Delta Zero® to improve energy efficiency in glass manufacture.


Talk to us about how Delta Zero® could make a step change reduction in your energy costs.

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Carbon Re is an AI for materials company pushing the boundaries of AI to accelerate the decarbonization of foundational materials such as cement. We leverage world-class expertise from UCL and Cambridge University in AI, energy efficiency, and industrial process improvement.

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