Steel decarbonization powered by AI

Steel production, like many other hard-to-abate industries, is facing a perfect storm of rising energy prices,  low margins and growing carbon taxes.

AI to decarbonize steel


Decarbonization of steel production is hard. There are limits to what can be achieved through furnace redesign and alternative fuels. 


Proposed solutions such as green hydrogen and carbon capture are expensive and very hard to scale.


Delta Zero is especially developed for energy-intensive process manufacturing. It applies the latest advances in AI and machine learning to uncover energy efficiencies and reduce costs and carbon emissions in industrial processes.

Unlocking the value in your data

Modern furnaces produce an abundance of data from equipment and IoT sensors but legacy software and operational processes are too static. AI-enabled analytics can help industrial producers exploit this data for massive efficiencies, but it is hard to implement and talent is scarce. Delta Zero combines world-class AI and steel production expertise to unlock value for manufacturers and decarbonize steel production.

Research & Innovation


There are challenges and opportunities in both blast furnace operations and electric arc furnace control where our AI technology can find an optimization that isn’t accessible by furnace operators or expert systems.


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We are members of ResponsibleSteel which is on a mission to be a driving force in the socially and environmentally responsible production of net-zero steel, globally.

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Carbon Re is an AI for materials company pushing the boundaries of AI to accelerate the decarbonization of foundational materials such as cement. We leverage world-class expertise from UCL and Cambridge University in AI, energy efficiency, and industrial process improvement.



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