The cement industry is remarkably complex with razor-thin profit margins.

Ever-changing inputs, conditions and priorities make cement production complex. Add in the current energy crisis, the growing political pressure to decarbonise cement as carbon taxes are introduced globally, the looming deadline to reduce emissions by 2050 and the complexity builds.


Cement producers need scalable technologies to reduce emissions now.


of global emissions are produced by the cement industry


the extreme temperature reached in a cement kiln


the annual increase in emissions by the industry from 2015-2021


the annual decline in emissions needed by the industry to reach net zero
Graphic describing the cement production stages and what elements are modelled by Delta Zero when the digital twin is created.
Carbon Re Cement

Unlocking the value in your data


Modern plants produce an abundance of data from equipment and IoT sensors but legacy software and operational processes are too static. AI-enabled analytics can help manufacturers exploit this data for massive efficiencies, but as AI is hard to implement and talent is scarce, many legacy providers have fallen short. Carbon Re enables cement decarbonisation by combining AI and industry expertise to unlock value and reduce carbon emissions.

Digital twin


A bespoke, high-resolution digital model of an individual plant created by analysing the sensor data gathered on a minute-by-minute basis. This model captures the thermodynamic properties of a given kiln and the physical processes of clinker production to deliver an accurate representation of the real world performance in that specific plant.

Alternative fuels


The composition of alternative fuels affects the production process in different ways, from moisture levels to volatile contents and particulate size. All these different interactions add complexity to decision-making on plant control parameters. AI can simulate the impact of potential fuel mix combinations, and learn the relationship between performance and blending of different alternative fuels.

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