Climate tech pioneer Carbon Re is joining forces with cement manufacturing consulting firm A³&Co.® to accelerate the decarbonization of the cement industry. The two organizations have signed a strategic partnership agreement and plan to work together to help cement manufacturers optimize production processes to reduce operational costs and carbon emissions to otherwise unachievable levels.


Carbon Re’s Delta Zero industrial decarbonization platform can cut fuel use by up to 10% and CO2 emissions by up to 20% and has been piloted in cement plants across 3 continents. For an average cement plant, emissions reduction can reach 50 kilotonnes of CO2 emissions a year. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to model a cement plant’s production environment and optimize processes for the lowest possible CO2 output and fuel use, with no capital expenditure.


Sherif Elsayed-Ali, CEO and co-founder of Carbon Re, said: “Our technology is already having a huge impact on some of the world’s most energy-intensive industries. This strategic partnership with A³&Co.® will enable even more cement producers to benefit from the operational savings offered by AI as they tackle the challenge of cutting carbon emissions and rising fuel prices.”


A³&Co.® has a team of cement industry experts offering advisory services ranging from Strategic Business Consulting and project management to their globally unique concept solution of Digital Maturity, with a key focus on sustainability. A³&Co.® aims to support the built environment with a focus on the cement industry as it tackles the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions, with a calculated results-based solutions roadmap to ensure manufacturers remain competitive.


Amr Nader, CEO and co-founder of A³&Co.®, said: “This strategic partnership with Carbon Re is one of our key international collaborations to drive decarbonization of the built environment with a focus on the cement industry. There is a lot of talk about the climate crisis but not enough action. This partnership is set to provide tangible benefits with measurable results for both cement manufacturers and the planet.”


Carbon Re and A³&Co.® will be showcasing their work at the Cemtech Middle East & Africa 2023 conference and exhibition at the Grand Hyatt Dubai on 12-15 February.

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Carbon Re is an AI for materials company on a mission to reduce carbon emissions by gigatonnes every year through the use of AI technology. A joint spin-out of Cambridge University and UCL, it is focusing on decarbonizing cement and other foundational materials (such as steel and glass) which are responsible for more than 20% of global emissions. Carbon Re’s first product, Delta Zero Cement uses machine learning to optimize fuel use and quality in cement production. Carbon Re is developing Delta Zero as a family of AI products that will enable rapid development and deployment of new low-carbon industrial processes, designs and materials. The company is growing fast and recently raised £4.2m in seed funding. For more information, visit:


Founded in the UAE and operating internationally, A³&Co.® is a strategic and technical consulting firm, focusing on the cement sector. World leading organizations trust A³&Co.® to help them realize the maximum of their investment potential using unique science based solutions. Always at the cutting edge, A³&Co.® is positioned to deliver solutions with impact, leading to sustainable results for our clients through the end-to-end cement value chain around the world. For more information, visit our website.