Carbon Re, an AI for decarbonisation tech software provider for energy-intensive industries, has donated £5000 to enable women in financial hardship to pursue their studies in AI at UCL.


The donation aims to improve the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry by providing financial assistance to a prospective female student who may otherwise struggle to access education due to financial circumstances. 


The bursary will launch in the next academic year (September 2023), offering an exciting opportunity for women who are passionate about developing a career in AI and sustainable development.


Additionally, Carbon Re will fund two prizes of £3000 and £2000, awarded to the top two current students on the AI for Sustainable Development MSc at the end of the programme based on academic excellence. 


Commenting on the donation, Dr Maria Perez-Ortiz, Director for the Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development MSc, said: 


“Carbon Re is the perfect example of AI technologies that could be deployed at large-scale in industry to strengthen our societal decarbonisation efforts. We are very happy that they are supporting this new programme on AI for sustainable development and are honoured to have received this kind donation.”  


 Aidan O’Sullivan, CTO and Co-founder of Carbon Re, said: “Carbon Re is proud to support a programme that focuses on the positive use of AI and empowers students to use their knowledge to tackle critical challenges in sustainable development. Solving these problems requires a diversity of views and thinking and we are delighted to sponsor these prizes to encourage greater participation from underrepresented groups in AI.”


The MSc degree is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to develop AI solutions for sustainable development. The programme aims to train a new generation of AI experts who can tackle the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges and address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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