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Developed in conjunction with cement industry experts and world-leaders in AI & Machine Learning, Delta Zero is designed for the pyro-process stage of cement production.

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We are transitioning the cement industry from reactive to predictive


By using AI to simulate the cement production environment we are able to provide operators with insights into the real-time operations of their plant.

Adaptive recommendations

Achieve your optimization goals with AI-modelled recommendations that provide real-time targets to the control room operators. No fixed models, the recommendations change as the plant conditions change.


Operators can action the recommendations such as kiln torque target directly or they can be input into an expert system in an open or closed loop system.

Real-time predictions

Using your existing data, our software creates and maintains an accurate bespoke digital twin of your plant. The real-time data from the plant is then used by AI agents to predict the live value of important quality measures such as the Degree of Calcination %, giving you insight into the status of your production without waiting for lab results. 

Accurate soft sensors

Enhance your data availability and insights with soft sensors. Soft sensors can simulate an available sensor in your plant to bridge the gap between sampling regimes such as for free lime % or flag a faulty sensor. Alternatively, soft sensors can be developed using corresponding data for values where no sensors have been deployed or where the harsh environment restricts the frequent use of an analyzer.

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DZ Launchpad

Low-cost access to AI optimization


DZ Launchpad is a limited offer for digitally mature plants to introduce Carbon Re’s state-of-the-art AI platform, Delta Zero. The program accelerates access to our Delta Zero platform, boasting a heavily discounted set-up fee with 8 weeks of access to the platform.


Delta Zero applies the latest advances in AI and machine learning to increase efficiency, stability, throughput, profitability and sustainability without compromising on quality.


After the completion of DZ Launchpad, our team can work with you to conduct bespoke modelling to prioritise your plants needs.

Learn more about DZ Launchpad

Your low-cost access to AI optimization for digitally mature plants.

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